Friday, October 18, 2013


Today is Te Rakaunui (the full moon)... and this month the moon is controlled by the star Atutahi - the herald of new life. Atutahi is the planting star... and when the moon begins to wane... (usually 3 days from now) our tupuna would plant their seeds. From this full moon to the harvest moon of Whanui... is about 130 days... that's also the approx maturity time of kumara. Many vegetables have a similar maturity time... Onion (100-120) Potato (90-120) Pumpkin (85-120) Sweet Corn (70-105) and Kumara (100-125). Our parents and grandparents knew this stuff... they used the moon as a cosmic time peace... it's not exactly rocket science... it's observation... the world is governed by repeating cycles... MAURIORA...

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