Thursday, July 12, 2012


On the 23rd August 1981 a meeting was held at Muriwai Marae. The meeting was attended by a number of Kaumatua including… Hopa Te Hau, Ada Tamihana, Rangitahi Kaimoana, Moana Kemp, Bertie Ngarangioue, Cooper Carrington, Kaa Matenga, Mars (Mataiata) Pohatu, Kui Emmerson, Oke Raihania, Zoe Winitana, Hine Kemp, Ene Hawkins, Moana Kemp, Rata Pohatu, Maura Matenga, Rimu Pohatu(convenor), Dave Ngarangioue, Murray Raihania, Wi Ngarangioue, Dawn Pomana, Temple Isaacs And Heni Sunderland

The minutes read… “At this point Moana Kemp called for nominations, but before opening it to the meeting, asked that some thought be given to the method of electing those required… i.e. whether nominations should be called from the floor or whether this should be done on the basis of whanau representation. The meeting unanimously agreed that the later suggestion be adopted” …and it was, with the proviso that each whanau select their own representatives.

Those Kaumatua identified five major hapu/whanau of Ngai Tamanuhiri. They are Ngati Rangiwaho and Ngati Rangiwaho-Matua who obviously nominate Rangiwaho as their focal ancestor. The other three are Ngati Te Rangitauwhiwhia, Ngati Tawehi and Ngati Kahutia who all inherit mana whenua from Paeaterangi via Tapunga. It seems these five are groupings of smaller hapu/whanau. At the same meeting the following people were selected as representatives of those respective hapu/whanau

Ngati Rangiwaho: Mataiata Pohatu, Dave Ngarangioue
Ngati Rangiwaho-Matua: Okeroa Raihania, Ene Hawkins
Ngati Rangitauwhiwhia:Zoe Winitana, Maura Matenga
Ngati Kahutia: Moana Kemp, Kui Emmerson
Ngai Tawehi: Toi Wilson, Rangi Wilson

It is interesting to note that those present nominated Toi and Rangi Wilson as representatives of Ngai Tawehi even though they were not present. This indicates a prior understanding of whanau associations as that particular branch of Wilson’s (Te Keepa Wirihana) are indeed the core of Ngai Tawehi. The actual hand written notes offer more clues to hapu origins by listing Ngati Rangitauwhiwhia as the “Waaka/Rangitauwhiwhia whanau” and then lists Ngati Rangiwaho-Matua as the “Rangiwaho-Matua (Wirihana) whanau”. Moana Kemp moved, 2nd Mars Pohatu – carried that the names of those representatives be submitted to the Maori Land Court forthwith.

Since that meeting there has been much discussion about the hapu lines.