Thursday, November 28, 2013


I AM: Between December 12th 2013 and January 11th 2014... I'll be holding my first online exhibition called "I AM" ...which will feature the parallel posts of Warren Pohatu. This exhibition will obviously be online using social media platforms... Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot and Google. 

It will focus on... who 'I AM' as a person? ...where 'I AM' from as a Maori? ...and what 'I AM' all about as an artist? It features my whakapapa, my home, some maps, our stories, my illustrations and some special photos that contribute to who 'I AM' to date. Each day I'll be posting information relevant to my art, my people, myself and my story. I'll also be sharing my special memories of growing up in Muriwai... as a village raised child.

This exhibition is about celebrating my creativity... and remembering who I AM and where I'm from... It's dedicated to my parents Mataiata Bartlett Pohatu and Rata Saunders Pohatu (nee Wyllie) who make a huge contribution to my existence... and also dedicated to my children and grandchildren...
MAURIORA KOUTOU... Taku he ki te huatea mo Tawake Whakato... No muri te huauri mo Tamanuhiri