Friday, December 2, 2011


My mum
Dedicated to my mum...
from your loving Boy

Just had the bro around this morning... him and the Tubstar out on the rampage. He asked me to post this vid for his mum... just from him. He reckons this is the first Christmas in 50 years he won't be spending with his mum. On behalf of Maoriboy I'd like to send a big mihi and Merry Xmas to the whanau whanui... and a massive kia kaha to my bro.Have an awesome day cuzzin and remember... as long as they live in our minds they will always live in our hearts."Love you my mum, you will always, always be in my heart" Richard

Te Waka Huia is a family oriented group managed and taught by Ngapo and Pimia Wehi and their family. Te Waka Huia are brought together by a common desire to retain, maintain and enjoy the performance of the Traditional Maori Performing Arts. We embrace each other through our tribal genealogies and our affinity with those who acknowledge Aotearoa as their turangawaewae (place to stand and know one has the right to do so).
Te Waka Huia was first formed as a whanau (family) group when Ngapo and relocated from Waihirere, Gisborne to Auckland. At the request of immediate family members keen to pursue Maori culture through performing arts, Te Waka Huia was born.
In the pursuit of excellence, every two years the best groups from each region gather together to compete at the ultimate platform in kapa haka (Maori Performing Arts) - the Aotearoa Traditional Maori Performing Arts Festival. This is held at selected venues around the country and the competition is fierce as each group (approximately 40) vie for the top spot in the country.
In 1986 Te Waka Huia qualified at regional level for the first time to compete in this national competition under the guidance and tutoring of Ngapo and Pimia. With less than a third of the team having performed at national level, Te Waka Huia managed to secure their first ever placing with a first-place overall. For a new team to win outright in their maiden performance, is seen as a historical first in Maori performing arts competition at national level

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