Monday, December 5, 2011


Toitu Te Mana Wahine
Papatuanuku is the mother earth while Ranginui is the vast expanse of the heavens. Originally they were locked in a loving embrace that lasted almost for ever. It’s no wonder they had so many children. All of whom lived in the cramped spaces between their parents. It was very dark and very cramped in there and nobody was exactly happy. As the children grew up they became even more annoyed at the living conditions. Soon they gathered deep in the darkness to discuss the problems between their parents. Tangaroa was very keen to separate them but felt he was not nearly strong enough for such a task. 


Tawhirimatea apposed any talk of separation and threatened his brothers with eternal war if they even attempted to break them up. Tumatauenga scoffed at his brothers emotional outbursts and demanded their parents be separated immediately. Otherwise he would kill them himself. Then Tane-Mahuta said, “let me try my brothers.” He thought for a while then lay down with his back braced against his mother. He lifted his feet up and placed them on his father. He took a deep breath then pushed his feet up. 

Tane strained with all his might and eventually was able to pry his parents apart. Little by little they began to separate. Just then Tawhiri rushed off in a huff and hasn’t spoken to Tane since. Meanwhile the light flooded into every corner of the world and life as we know it was born. The true beauty of Papatuanuku could at last be seen. Her gorgeous green cloak, her impressive snow topped mountains, her abundant valleys, her lush rivers and her generous beaches simply confirm her as the mother of absolutely everything. Papatuanuku is the land and we are the tangata whenua (people of the land). 

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