Saturday, December 3, 2011


Toitu te Mana maori
The story of Rona is a classic Maori tale and is used to teach us about respect for all things. Rona it seems was not a lazy girl but she really cherished her time of rest. Late one night Rona was sent on an errand to fetch some water from the well. That night it was Te Rakaunui (the full moon) but there were still a lot of clouds in the sky. Rona grabbed a container and, still sulking, began her journey to the well. The path was well lit by the full moon and Rona ran down the hill. She arrived at the well in good time and quickly rushed toward the waters edge where she filled her container. 

Rona holds the tahaa and the nikau tree
As she capped the water bottle, Rona turned to walk back along the path. Just then the moon disappeared behind the clouds and in the darkness Rona walked straight into some rocks. She stubbed her toes and dropped the taha spilling some of the water. Rona grabbed the taha and immediately turned toward the moon. Rona glared at the bright orange ball of light in the sky. She cursed out loud, blaming the moon for her misfortune and her pain. Rona snatched up her container then turned to walk back to her home. 
But the moon was angered by her outburst and rushed down toward her. The moon ceased Rona and she panicked. She grabbed nearby Ngaio tree but the moons grip was so strong it simply ripped the tree from the ground. Rona, her taha and the Ngaio tree were all dragged into the sky and to this day they remain as prisoners of the moon. To this day, as well, Rona regrets her outburst and pays dearly for that one moment of madness. Don’t be like Rona and blame others for your misfortune. Respect all things… at all times. 

Check out this video of the classic song AUE RONA E... the story in song

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