Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Kia ora whanau... here's a short vid I put together using some of our photo's. All these images can be found in the MEMORIES folder of the NGAI TAMANUHIRI Facebook page... JOIN OUR PAGE whanau... learn a bit more about our whanau... about all our hapu and our iwi... Ngai Tamanuhiri. We have a very good understanding of our history and welcome all and any questions. I myself have spent about 12 years helping the Trust with the Waitangi Tribunal Claims... so we have heaps of material. And that's what I want to share... the wealth of knowledge we collected in well over a decade of tribal research... noreira... nau mai whana...
In the meann time here's some photo's from back home

You can see more photos here... WHANAU MEMORIES FOLDER

Some of the many photos received from whanau on fb

POST: We are encouraging whanau to share their taonga... and for that reason we ask everyone to respect those who submit images and PLEASE do not take copies without permission... if you are family we see no problem... at which stage we will supply a digital copy without the banner etc... THANKS EVERYONE... and please remember this is all about old photos... and how we looked way back when

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