Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Last year I done a series of pastels and manage to capture the step by step process and have finally found time to create an annimation (of sorts). Its not your high quality "Disney" style of annimation but it does give you an idea of how it all happen etc. 

I use Polychromos pastels on black card and the hardest thing was remembering to take the photographs... plus the realisation that once you move on past a certain point... that image is now lost forever... the actual individual stages and what they look like all give way to the final and ultimate image... and very quickly we tend to forget the hundreds of stages between the start and finish... we tend to overlook the journey and the many unique images that created the final peice. This is my tribute to that process and all those images.

The Final Image
Tu Tamure the tale of the snapper... To remember to powerful chief of the Whakatohea Tutamure. A significant figure in the story of Kahungunu, his daughter Tauhekuri and her eventual marriage to Tutamure's younger brother Tamataipunoa.

Tu Tamure... the tale of the snapper

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Unknown said...

Tena koe, Warren! Your artwork is so creative and we all love it because it is so colourful, and you have used lots of different patterns from your culture to make your art interesting. We have been learning that art tells a story and we have enjoyed making up stories for your art, especially the shark. Do you think you could come to Room 5 at Panama Road School to teach us some new art skills that we could use when we do our own art? We would love to meet you and have lots of questions for you!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Room 5, Panama Road School