Saturday, December 3, 2011


Toitu Te Mana Maori
Simply brilliant… that’s what I think about AROHANUI… simply brilliant. Everyone involved can take a bow because the end result is MANA MAORI. Just finished watching Wakahuia (the program) on TV this morning and man I feel so inspired I have to write something. I went to watch the opening night of Arohanui in Auckland and I was just blown away by the whole atmosphere, the performers, the items and of course the performance. Every single member of the troupe was sharp and impressive… especially from a kapahaka perspective and I would like to congratulate Annette and Tapeta Wehi and of course their team… they done an awesome job.

Maori all over the world can be proud of how our culture is represented. I think the secret was making sure the performers were well versed in the art of kapahaka… actors would not have achieved the same result. The essence of kapahaka was captured throughout the performance and every action looked natural, sharp and believable. Of course the credit for that must go to the seasoned performers who brought the whole act to life. When you have people like Tuirina Wehi, Kura Te Ua, Kereama Te Ua, Tomika Whiu, Fred Henare and many others who are seasoned performers… then you obviously have the basis of an awesome performance before you even write any items. 

Ka rawe… ka nui te mihi, ka nui te aroha… ka nui te tautoko ki wenei o nga whanaunga me o ratou mahi reka rawa atu. I for one hope Arohanui tours overseas. I for one hope Arohanui is made into a feature length movie to celebrate the depth and beauty of our culture, especially our performing arts. Let the pride we have for our culture and the love we have for our ancestors touch the minds and hearts of indigenous cultures all around the world. 

Check out the cast... mean Maori mean

Toitu te reo… toitu te mana… uhi… wero… tau mai te mauri… tau mai te marama…

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Mrs Barbarich said...

I saw this on Waka Huia this morning and I thought it was tino ataahua. The whole production was awe inspiring and I cant wait to see it.